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Thanks to all the talented females in todays rollerblading culture, I’m stoked to create a platform of support for Bladies.

Influenced by Fallon Heffernan and Coco Sanchez who started skating in the late ’90’s.  These girls traveled the world competing and would hype each other up by shouting the now iconic name: Bladies!  Their energy and skills are legendary.

In 2012 Aarin Gates, Melissa Brown and myself got a house in San Diego together.  This is when the Bladies movement hit full force around the globe!

Megan Petersen  Portland Oregon  Photo by Brad Oz

Megan Petersen

Portland Oregon

Photo by Brad Oz

This project gave me the chance to learn to skate with other girls and now to give something back to the one thing that has given me the strength and freedom throughout my life.

June 2018 was the official project relaunch with a new goal, new designs and new inspiration from new talent.

I hope the Bladies culture grows and encourages the next generation of females to rollerblade.

there is more talent to be discovered.

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